• Routing Guides provide the opportunity for communication between client and vendor who ultimately share the goal of creating the most efficient retail supply chain possible. By facilitating the understanding of inbound freight requirements, Routing Guides add value to all parties in both hard dollar (shipping costs) as well soft dollars (labor, non-compliant shipments, etc). "The most valuable use of Routing Guides is to allow you to gain control over inbound shipments by getting vendors to comply with routing instructions."(1)

  • However, static routing guides are cumbersome, quickly become outdated and are not easy to update as the supply chain evolves.  Electronic Routing Guides, are powerful a communication tool utilizing the speed and accessibility of the internet.  "Electronic Routing Guides promise timely information, easy distribution, and widespread access."(2)
    SC Solutions teams with Transportgistics to bring you the best in Electronic Routing Guides. 

  • Compliance Made Simple...

    1. Reduce freight expense and non compliant shipments
    2. Simplify production, maintenance and distribution  of routing guides
    3. Eliminate the need to print, distribute and track the receipt of your new or updated routing guide
    4. Transform your routing guide from static to dynamic
    5. Automatically track acknowledgements and vendor access
    6. Achieve competitive advantages by customer and supplier working together strategically.

    Our Electronic Routing Guide solution is easy and inexpensive to implement, does not require IT intervention, and is supported by a low monthly subscription.  Contact SC Solutions today for the Electronic Routing Guide  answer to the question, “How can I save money in my supply chain performance?”
    (1) Supply Chain e-Business (2) Inbound Logistics